Contact an IMS Specialist, who will show you how a custom solution will improve your project.

The development of IMS (Integrated Material Systems) began some 12 years ago and has progressed steadily with knowledge gained by our system users and our highly skilled staff. IMS has strong IT and user support groups from such diverse backgrounds as project purchasing, construction, pipe fabrication, welding and fitting, office management, accounting, marketing, teaching and the Canadian Forces.

As IMS is a privately owned company with excellent financial status, enhancements to our system on behalf of our clients or new ideas from our staff are completed quickly and without delay awaiting approvals. We continue to make improvements as new client requirements and applications are identified. IMS applications are currently in use on over 40 major projects in the US and Canada.

• Application Lease or Purchase
• System Training
• Data input and upload services of engineering and shop data
• Staffing for shop coordination of steel and spool shops
• IT assistance for report writing
• IT support for writing interface programs with current in house engineering and material systems
• IT support to write interface system with fabrication shop systems

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